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Niche Site Ideas Hit List

One of the first things to do when building a niche site is figuring out what topic you want to target.

We normally refer to this as a “hit list”.

It is the best of the best ( in your opinion that is ) of ALL of your potential niche ideas.

You should start with a list of AT LEAST 20 topics/keywords/niches.

Within this list, you want to focus on the topics that YOU can/could show authority in.

Whether you know a topic inside out at this moment is not important


For you to succeed within the niche, you will need to really  become an authority in the topic.

Income School Project 24 Hit List

Income School has a few different hit lists that they have put out over the years.

I bet some of these project 24 hit list niches will still work and are worth researching further.

and this one

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