How To Start A Niche Site That Makes Money Online?

Are you looking for easy ways to setup a niche website that actually makes money online? I have been in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing going on 20 years and have decided to give you my niche website building blueprint completely free.

To start a niche website, you need to choose your topic, your domain and your content. Most niche site builders choose niches that have high conversion rates as well as commissions. After this step, choose a hosting account and get your niche website launched.

Let’s See If Starting A Niche Site Is Even Right For You:

You should get started ONLY IF you checked YES to 3 out of the 3 boxes above.
I will walk you through the entire niche website setup from start to finish so don’t worry about the specifics just yet. Keep reading until you get to the bottom of the page where you will be asked one simple question that SHOULD be easy for you to answer YES to.

niche website structure

picking a niche website

put in time and effort

eggs in one basket

be ready to go with the flow

niche launch steps overview

step one

step two

step three

step four

step five

step six

step seven

step eight

step nine

bonuses overview

starter packages

3x niche starter package

6x niche starter package

9x niche starter package

profitable niches

low competition keywords

niches to avoid

ready to get started

Once launched I will let everyone know who is on the list

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