Project 24 60 Steps

Income School Project 24 60 Steps To A Successful Site

Income School Project 24 has 60 steps that guide you from start to finish on building up a successful niche website.

These steps are simple and setup in an easy to follow strategy.

Project 24 Steps 1 – 2

pick a niche – This is one of the most fun portions of the project 24 niche website process.

Project 24 Steps 3 – 6

setup wordpress – Pretty simple and there are a million videos that will walk you through the entire process.

Project 24 Steps 7 – 9

seo – This is something that I have been involved in for going on 2 decades. If you need help, just message me.

Project 24 Steps 10 – 20

response posts – These are the first blog posts that you are going to want to write for your niche website.

Project 24 Steps 21 – 22

pics and legal – You can’t just have text IF you are trying to up the user experience within googles algorithm.

Project 24 Steps 23 – 26

resource pages – These are perfect for answering those common questions and streamline your user interaction.

Project 24 Steps 27 – 37

staple posts – These are now the go to article size for many niche website owners.

I still believe that having varying sized articles is best.

Project 24 Steps 38 – 43

youtube promotion – This is a great option whether you are wanting to focus on a channel versus a website.

Why not use as many free traffic sources even if it isn’t your main focus.

Project 24 Steps 44 – 54

pillar posts – These are great for building up that E.A.T.

It is best to wait until your website is aged ( seasoned for about a year ).

I would still write them IF you know your pillar post beats out ALL other competition within the top 3 websites within google for the search.

Project 24 Steps 55 – 59

youtube promotion 2 – Yes, youtube is second only to google when it comes to daily visitors.

Both can get you free traffic BUT you need to set things up so they work FOR you and not AGAINST you.

Project 24 Step 60

amazon associates account – This one is secondary in my opinion.

There are so many methods of getting your site monetized.

When you get to this point, message me and I can show you a TON of potential options.

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