Project 24 The Complete Blogging System

Income School The Complete Blogging System

You can take notes or just read the ones I provide further down the page.

This video is great and will help get you moving in the right direction.

Project 24 The Complete Blogging System For Earning A Full-Time Income

  1. Compass – 1 Week
  2. Starter – 30 Days
  3. Ignition – 2 Months
  4. Traction – 3 Months
  5. Momentum – 4 Months
  6. Revenue – 5 Months
  7. Authority – 6+ Months

I have modified it somewhat to work based on my actual personal experience.

Working on many of my own websites as well as hundreds of other project 24 style article blog projects for clients.

Learn the system and then adapt your own style to it so it works for YOU!

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